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Why Chat Online?

The Families4Families ABI Support Network knows that individuals and families impacted by ABI greatly value the opportunity to meet and chat with others living with this complex and misunderstood disability.

While it may be ideal for many of our members and families to meet and interact face to face, this may not be possible for a number of reasons. Some people live a long way from others, other people may feel unable to meet face to face due to fatigue and other disability related reasons, still others do not have access to transportation.

In other cases, individuals may prefer to communicate with others online as it provides:

  • The ability to connect when it best suits the individual including their own specific schedule and sleeping pattern;
  • The ability to connect with others a long distance from yourself;
  • The ability to talk about sensitive issues in a less intrusive manner than face to face;
  • The ability to connect with many others and discuss specific issues most relevant to you;
  • A more independent communication method that may enable communication without the assistance of others;
  • A method of communication that does not rely on speech, which gives time for forming a response and that gives respondents as much time as they need to think about an issue, construct an answer and enter this when it is best for them.


For these reasons, the Network has established a Facebook presence that provides room for group chatting.

Please enter the space: and you can request membership of the group depending upon your situation.



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