Management Committee

The purpose of the Management Committee is to provide people with ABI and their families the opportunity to play a key role in the design, operation, management, services and support provision within Families4Families.

Recommendations and decisions include funding and fundraising, ABI experiences, administration, support scheduling and provision, peer support delivery and planning, volunteer management and any other matters felt to be generally relevant to the operations, development, growth and sustainability of the Network.

The Management Committee functions as a voluntary body, though members are reimbursed for relevant and approved expenses related to their committee role. Membership is based on skills and motivation, with a majority of members being people living with ABI or their family members. Members are supported by operational team members and may be provided with relevant training if required.

Yannoula (Jenny)

Peggy O’Connor –

Rae Hofmanis –


Todd Gassner – Contact – Families4Families Office on 8299 0015

Kylee Mara – Contact – Families4Families Office on 8299 0015

Greg North – Contact – Families4Families Office on 8299 0015

Mary  Annicciarico – Contact – Families4Families Office on 8299 0015

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