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Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to provide advice, recommendations and guidance to our Management Committee and Families4Families team in issues relating to network goals, strategy and relevant operations. Advice and recommendations may include strategic direction, funding, research and ABI best practices, technology and standards, infrastructure, administration or other matters felt to be generally relevant to the development, growth and sustainability of the Network.

The Advisory Panel functions as a voluntary advisory body, though in some cases disability and consumer representative members may be provided with financial support to enable the contributions from their participation.

This panel has no fewer than 5 and no more than 15 members. Members are prominent, senior level individuals whose expertise, advice and counsel give depth to the Management Committee and team. Members also provide the Network with representatives within key ABI professional organisations and departments thus enabling strategic and operational networking for Families4Families within these groups.

Current Panel members include:

  • Dr Miranda Jelbart:  Clinical Director, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service
  • Cheryl Pomeroy: Case Manager
  • Liz Williams: Speech Pathologist, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Community and Home (BIRCH)
  • Professor Richard Bruggemann: Prof. Disability & Community Inclusion, Flinders University
  • Jaime Gardner: Manager of  Community Re-entry Program, Flinders University
  • Vicki Schwarz
  • Robyn Hosking
  • Annette Rae: F4F Group Leader
  • Sandra McClung: F4F Group Leader
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