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The mission of Families4Families Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Support Network is to assist adults who have acquired brain injury and their families to build resilience and maximise quality of life and wellbeing by providing information and education sessions, social opportunities, online resources and other family focussed supports.

Our supports are both informed and evaluated by our leading edge research projects. The outcome from these projects will inform and influence the provision of family focussed services and supports for people impacted by ABI and their families Internationally.

The services Families4Families offer include:

  • Social and recreational activities for adults with ABI and their family members;
  • Regional support groups for adults with ABI and their family members;
  • Education and Information programs for adults with ABI and their family members;
  • Information sharing and resource directory;
  • Online group discussion opportunities;
  • Phone support from adults who live with ABI – either from someone with ABI or from someone who is a family member of a person with ABI.

Families4Families has been established thanks to the financial support of the Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund and with assistance and support from Flinders University and its Community Re-entry Program.

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